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Ales Bialiatski: Who is the Nobel Peace Prize winner?

The jailed activist has spent decades fighting Aleksander Lukashenko's authoritarian rule in Belarus.

Ukraine war: Biden says nuclear risk highest since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

Joe Biden says President Putin was "not joking" when he spoke of using tactical nuclear weapons.

Iran protests: Nika Shakarami's mother says her daughter was murdered

Officials are lying about how 16-year-old protester Nika Shakarami died, her mother says.

Europe energy crisis: Italians told to turn thermostats down

Italy becomes the latest European country to impose energy-saving rules ahead of winter.

Complutense University: 'Macho, repugnant' - Spanish PM condemns students' chant

Videos have circulated for days of male students chanting obscene misogynistic abuse in Madrid.

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Business Week Online

Business Week Online

International Herold Tribune - Asia & Pacific

The International Herold Tribune - Asia & Pacific

International Herold Tribune - Africa&Middle East

International Herold Tribune - Africa & Middle East

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The Job Market Has Been Like Musical Chairs. Will the Music Stop?

Many workers grew comfortable thinking they had plenty of options. Now ?everybody?s feeling the whiplash,? and anxiety is rising.

Global Fallout From Rate Moves Won?t Stop the Fed

The Federal Reserve, like many central banks, sets policy with an eye on the domestic economy. Its battle to control prices is causing pain abroad.

?They Are in a Panic?: Ukraine?s Troops Size Up the Enemy

Ukrainian soldiers are exulting in their smashing of Russian lines in the northeast. They engaged enemy troops up close, and gained confidence from it.

Biden Says Risk of Nuclear ?Armageddon? Is Highest Since 1962 Crisis

The president?s blunt warnings, highly unusual for an American president, were delivered informally to a group of Democratic donors in New York City.

China Is the Wild Card in the Energy War With Russia

Slower growth in China has braked the rise in world energy prices and Russian riches, but Beijing has also stepped up its purchases of Russian fossil fuels.

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The Wallstreet Journal

The Wallstreet Journal

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