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Secretive Saudi executions leave families in the dark

Relatives of prisoners are given no advance warning of executions, and left with no bodies to bury.

Ukraine war: Western allies send Kyiv mixed messages on war planes

The US rules out sending jets to Ukraine, but France says "nothing is excluded" ahead of talks in Paris.

French protests intensify against pension age rise

Waves of protests take place across France against plans to lift the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Iran dancing couple given 10-year jail sentence

The pair, both in their early 20s, were reportedly convicted for promoting corruption and propaganda.

Priscilla Presley contests validity of Lisa Marie's will

The ex-wife of rock'n'roll legend Elvis Presley says their daughter's will was suspiciously altered.

BBC News

Business Week Online

Business Week Online

International Herold Tribune - Asia & Pacific

The International Herold Tribune - Asia & Pacific

International Herold Tribune - Africa&Middle East

International Herold Tribune - Africa & Middle East

The New York Times

Republicans Are Calling for Spending Cuts. Their Proposals Are Elusive.

A renewed focus on fiscal restraint in the debt limit standoff with Democrats poses its own political risks.

Biden Demands Details on Budget Cuts From McCarthy

Ahead of a meeting at the White House on Wednesday, administration officials demanded that Republicans commit to avoiding a default on federal debt.

Can Joe Manchin Broker a Debt Deal as Republicans Try to Unseat Him?

The centrist West Virginia Democrat, who faces re-election in 2024, has made it clear he believes he can help broker a compromise to raise the debt ceiling.

Russia Sidesteps Western Punishments, With Help From Friends

A surge in trade by Russia?s neighbors and allies hints at one reason its economy remains so resilient after sweeping sanctions.

A Risky Trade in Ukraine Grows Riskier Amid the War

Russia?s invasion has disrupted the social services that help reduce harm to the women and men who sell sex, threatening public health.

The New York Times

The Wallstreet Journal

The Wallstreet Journal

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